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Membership sites are a great way to start strategies for success and growth; they can work as a digital eBook works – only you can get recurring payments to your PayPal account. The key here is to be actively involved in the site, continually generate more content for your members to stay fresh and engage them on the site to feel they are part of a community.

The best way for you to plan profits for a niche membership site is to see how others do it. What do they offer? What can you do better? How much are people willing to pay, and what would they pay if you did more for them?

Coaching Potential

Is the niche you are in ripe for coaching opportunities? Not all are, but many can be conducive to high ticket coaching income. People love hand-holding, and if you can coach them in groups or one-on-one, you can charge a lot more than you would be able to with an eBook.

And there are definite perks to you as a niche marketer when you roll your sleeves up and start coaching. You get to pick the brains of your target audience. You get real insight on what makes them tick, what holds them back, and what solutions help them achieve their goals.

You are going to need to create a content development system. No matter which niche you are in, content is and always will be, king. It would be best if you had it in so many different areas, so you might as well commit to and plan for a streamlined process.


First, look at where you are going to need content. Depending on your business model, these might be some of the areas you will need content:

  • Your blog
  • Info products (including eBook, sales copy, bonuses, and more)
  • Social networks (Twitter is easy, but G+ and Facebook are more content-laden)
  • Email autoresponder system (including the opt-in offer and emails)

It does not look like a lot, but every one of those, except the opt-in offer, is an on-going necessity. You cannot put a few articles on your blog and feel you have done enough. You cannot email out once or twice and consider it complete – and if you want more residual income, you must plan for more product development.

With these content needs comes the requirement to either write or outsource the information. Content is not one size fits all – it comes in text, audio, and video formats. Most people use text, and more people are getting the courage to supplement their text with audio and video so that their readers have a multimedia experience.

First, figure out if you have what it takes to write well. If so, start your business developing your voice and style by writing the content yourself. Make sure that whenever you register, you use your personality in your content.

Doing so sets you apart and helps your readers build a connection to you. But what if you are bad at writing? Then you must set aside some start-up money for your outsourcing efforts.


Or, if you have some set of skills (like graphic design) that someone else does not have, you can see if they will barter – content in exchange for your expertise. It can be hard to find, though not impossible.

Make sure you do not cut corners with your outsourcing. It is better to have ten top-quality pages than 20 shoddy ones that make people turn away from your site. Do what you can when you have the money – invest a little at a time.

Even if you have an eBook written, you can outline it and pay a ghost-writer for five pages until you can get the full eBook completed. Do not rush this part of the job.

Do not be afraid to try new ghost-writers. Quality writers are coming online every single day, needing their start – so you can often find a good deal just because someone does not have a stable client list yet.

Go to places like Warriors for Hire on the Warrior Forum, and individual freelance writer sites to start looking at what you can afford in terms of quality and turnaround time.

Level up with your residual income efforts. Some people never understand why they cannot get ahead with their online marketing. If you look closely at their promotions, you find that all they do is promote sales as an affiliate or do other marketers’ services.

Residual income means you do the work, set it up, and it pays off for you again and again over time. Continue creating evergreen products – not just fad or trend-based items.

Service Provider

If you are working as a service provider, then schedule yourself as a client and create your products. You are working for onetime payment (like getting paid to write an eBook) will not allow you to relax in the future.

Monthly promo planning is essential. It would help if you had a calendar to track new launches and make it a point to join in. It would help if you found the right balance with your list regarding how often they are willing to hear from you.

Some marketers rarely mail, others daily. Every audience is different and responds to varying stimuli regarding the messages you put out there. If you send value in every email, with personalisation, it will fare better for you than someone who spams and sells hardcore each time.

When you look at a launch list like Munch Eye, jot down who has what coming out and see if it is a good fit for your audience. If it is, ask for a review copy, get promo materials created, and make a bonus that complements the original product.

Affiliate planning like this helps keep you afloat while you are busy working on your residual products. It adds a hefty sum to your bottom line that you would not have if you relied on your product sales profits.

Online Education

Further Your Education

Not one marketer knows everything there is to know about online marketing.  One thing that sets successful people apart from those who fail is their hunger to learn.

They work on learning things they are not even actively doing – things they outsource. Because knowing all the ins and outs of your business will allow you to quickly determine the fastest, best way to achieve a goal – and you can pass that information along to the freelancer, you are working alongside.

Start developing tech task skills. It is a hard one for newbies. Some do not even know how to make a hyperlink online, and that is nothing to be ashamed of – unless you are resistant to the learning process.

Just about anything you could ever want to know about technical tasks in this business is taught free online. Whether it is making that hyperlink or installing a blog, uploading a zip file, or getting a launch to go live – videos are all over the place, walking you through it step-by-step.

Feel overwhelmed watching a video tutorial? Well, that is what the pause and rewind button is useful. Do not use the overwhelm excuse – get busy learning and implementing, and do not worry if you flop once or twice – you will get the hang of it!

Get a handle on your time management. Part of your education must be knowing how to manage your time better. We are all guilty of messing this one up, but you must practice better habits to get more done.

Time management

It is especially crucial if you are in the beginning stages of your success, and bill collectors breathe down your neck. You have no time to waste – and that means no Facebook scrolling, no game apps on your smartphone – just pure, dedication to your work.

You can use tools, such as egg timers, timer apps on your phone, and even sites that shut down your computer from all outside areas so you cannot play around when it is time to work.

But nothing beats self-control. And if you are the type of person who will reboot a computer so you can play a game and get around a safeguard, you need to master this concept to not cheat yourself out of productivity.

Earlier, you learned about a book called Time Warrior. The book has an individual lesson on each page, so you can flip to any page each day, get inspired, and keep on task. You also want to focus on your priorities.

Why are you doing this? Is it to give your kids the best life you can offer them? Is it because you are tired of living a tight financial life on your retirement income? Is it because you have dreams of a luxury lifestyle, and it is not happening right now? Concentrate on the why, and it makes doing a whole lot easier.

Become knowledgeable about your niche. Not one good leader knows it all. They are continually educating themselves for their audience. And it would help if you did that, too.

Teaching a Niche Topic

If you are teaching about a niche topic, you need to do some things like this:

  • Buy books on your niche topic and read a variety of viewpoints. So, in the weight loss niche, you might read about the benefits of raw foods one month, and the benefits of low carb the next!
  • Watch videos of your competitors or leaders in your niche online. Please find out how they inspire and educate and learn tips you did not even know yourself.
  • Sign up to Google Alerts to stay on top of the niche news or check-in daily to see what kind of ground-breaking or new information you can share with your audience.
  • Keep an eye on forums and blogs to see what concerns your audience has. When we say “your audience” we mean the niche audience, not just those following If something has happened in the niche that panics them, you will read about it and be able to address it to your audience.

Depending on your niche, you might be able to attend workshops or seminars or even join a local meet up groups with others for your topic. These are always great ways to absorb the information you can share later with your people.

Practice your salesmanship skills. No one wants to land on a sales letter and find a lukewarm page that practically apologises for asking you to buy something. Consumers like confidence – and they want you to feel comfortable getting them excited about your product.

Otherwise, they will not feel good about it and will not convert into a buyer or loyal follower. So how do you further your education in sales? There are several ways you can do this. Most importantly, be observant about what is working for others.

Sales page

Sale Pages

Visit sales pages in your niche and see what types of power words they are using. Study the colour schemes used for the minisites? Pay attention to price points and length of copy, too. Make notes!

Secondly, you need to invest in courses and books that help you understand consumer mindsets. Do not look to yourself for that – you will lie to yourself, saying things like, “I hate being sold to,” which will not help you craft copy that converts.

Some tools have plug and play elements in them for sales copy. It is like a bare-bones theme where you fill in the blank. So, the software might create a headline that says, “Tired of Not [fill in the blank]?” and you would then insert the thing people are trying to achieve, such as:

  • Losing Weight Fast Enough
  • Making Profits Off the Stock Market
  • Being Able to Find Mr Right

All these types of tools are very cookie-cutter, so you might want to tweak them for originality. For example, if the device says, “Tired of Not _____?” you would change that to something like “Frustrated That You Cannot _____?”

It helps to have a framework to act as your springboard for ideas on where everything goes in the copy. You also want to split different test variations of your document, so you can start seeing what your readers enjoy most.

Finally, if you are interested in Coaching, or would like to discover how to start an online business from scratch with easy steps to follow and support a strong, friendly community, click the link below.

To your success

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