You do not have to have any experience to be successful with an online business. Anyone can succeed – even if you are brand new to working at home because you can learn as you go along. There are many different avenues you can choose to take to get started. Much of your decision will be based on personal preferences, time available to implement it, and the tools you need to launch.

Affiliate Marketing

You might choose to get involved in affiliate marketing. This is a process where you sign up for a link that is connected to your account. Sometimes people call these referral links because you are basically recommending a product. Whenever someone clicks on the link and then purchases the item, you earn money. With affiliate marketing, you can be an affiliate promoting someone else’s digital or tangible products. Affiliate marketing can be for courses and information you can find on sites like ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus. But it can also be for items that someone can buy from Amazon, Share-a-Sale or Commission Junction. There are dozens of reasons why you might like getting started with affiliate marketing. It is a booming business. There is little expense involved and sometimes, no expense whatsoever. It can be a good side hustle that you can build into a nice income-earning business. You do not have to know everything about it to get started. You can learn as you go. There is a lot of freedom with affiliate marketing.


The reason it is so simple and easy is, at its core, this type of marketing is like having a conversation with a friend. If your friend asked where you got a cute pair of shoes, you would tell her where. With affiliate marketing, it is like having that conversation online. You would point your friend (and others) to the link where she can purchase the same pair, and you would make a commission as a “thank you” from the company. If you decide you want to sell stuff and use affiliates to help you promote the items, it works the same way, only in reverse. They would share the link to your products, people would click and buy, and you would pay them a small commission fee. Almost every niche you can imagine is involved with affiliate marketing and can help sell products. For example, if you are in the keto dieting niche, you could promote a set of portion control dishes or a body composition scale. For digital, you could promote keto eating plans where the customer gets a PDF of how keto works and all their meals planned out for them. You could even promote something like a monthly program to get a keto snack box sent to their house. In this event, affiliates would receive recurring commissions for as long as the customer stayed a subscriber. If you are not sure what you want to promote, start by looking around at popular websites and blogs in the niche you like to see what is already being touted. This can help you see which products are popular and get an idea of what customers are looking for. When you choose a product to promote make sure that what you choose has value to the audience.

Your Audience’s Trust

Never choose to promote a product based on payout alone. If the product is bad, you can lose your audience’s trust. Always put the value of the product first. Investigate the product yourself if you can. You might be able to order the product yourself and try it out, even do an unboxing video on Facebook Live or YouTube and put the affiliate link in the description. But wherever you promote something or have others promote your stuff, make sure that you or those helping you disclose the affiliate connection. It is legally required in many areas, but it also builds consumer trust. When you promote anything, make sure that you highlight both the good and bad about whatever you are promoting. Too many newbie affiliates make the mistake of writing glowing review and gloss over anything that might be a problem. This can also cause audience distrust. So, when you write your reviews, make sure you include a genuine opinion of them. If there is something negative, offer a solution or workaround to it. For example, if you are promoting a blender, you could say that while the blender is fast and makes a great smoothie, it is the small capacity that you would not recommend if the consumer were looking for a blender for a large family.

Pick a Niche you Love

To get started with affiliate marketing, pick the niche that you would like to be in. This might be something like health, relationships, dating, wealth, outdoor survival and more. After you pick the area, you want to be in, dig deeper to find a demographic or slant within that niche. So, if you chose health as your niche choice, under the umbrella of health, you could choose a slant like fitness or dieting or certain conditions for a particular demographic like diabetes in seniors or weight loss for women or whatever. It is always best to choose an evergreen, like heath or success, because there is always an audience for evergreen topics. People who are struggling financially are always going to look for ways to make more money. Look for common issues that affect people, and you will select a good niche. Once you have all that, search the products or programs that are associated with your topic. You can look products up on sites like ClickBank or Amazon. Have a place online to promote things, such as a blog, a Facebook group. Make sure that the content that you put on the page is valuable. This will help build your audience. You will need to market your affiliate promotion. Do this by creating written tutorials about what you are promoting. You can also create YouTube videos about the product or showing you using the product. You can create ones where you compare products. Create a buzz by talking about the product on your social media. Do these steps for each niche that you choose to promote. Affiliate marketing success is all about repeating the same cycle repeatedly every time you choose a new product. You will create a review, write, or record your thoughts on it, share it online and engage with your audience. If you are interested in learning more about how an online business can help you take control of your time and finances, check out this FREE Video Series (the same training I used to create my online business from scratch). To your success Mandy Hawkins

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